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The votes were 3-1, against the grand idea; telling the story of maax, as it happens.

September 2, 2008 (yesterday)
6:00 pm – Jeb and I decide to share the maax story with the public online; I write/post entry online the maax website.
6:35 pm – Jeb calls, he changed his mind: “Please take down the post.”
6:35 pm – Me: OK. Hang up phone, ignore Jeb, walk to friend’s house, borrow lawn mower and mow grass. It’s been two months since I mowed it.
8:32 pm – Jeb removes post.

Being nervous is good. Which means this must be an amazing idea. Jeb, Mom and Dad are really nervous.

Very good.


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Maybe we’re going out of business?

Here’s the back story, my brother Jeb and I started maax.

We began selling visors door-to-door, then we sold tee shirts at Red Sox games, then we slept in our factory for two years. Nine and half years ago, we started maax.

It’s been amazing.

That part of the story we’ll tell more in earnest, we promise, we’ll talk about the failed relationships, about the fights, about firing our other brother, although he really quit because I was a jerk to him, which was after firing my best friend, and before firing Dustin at the Screen Printing machine one day; that’s a story worth hearing, and one that will probably get the labor board visiting our factory; they wont be able to find it.

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